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Campaign Manager is a tool to create worlds, puzzles, and adventures. Game masters can design tabletop RPG campaigns that their players must fight through. Escape room style puzzle creators can plan out how their participants must escape. Or interactive stories / adventure games can be fleshed out with all the possible branching paths.

The software is offline – no Internet connection required. The amount of content, including art and sound, is only limited by your computer’s available storage space. There is no subscription so everything you create is yours forever. Your creations are never locked into this platform - campaign files are saved in human readable XML format, so the data can be pulled out in the future if desired.

Major Features

- Create encounters that each contain images, text, music, combats, and other links.

- Create regions to manage similar encounters. Link encounters to each other or to regions as pinned map items.

- 319 monsters, 319 abilities, and 505 items for fantasy role playing from SRD 5.1. Library of assets contain the common fantasy characters (such as dragons and assassins), abilities (such as chain lightning and eldritch blast), and items (such as potions and magical weapons). User may create their own additional assets.

- 240 ready-to-use characters from levels 1 through 20 of Barbarians, Bards, Clerics, Druids, Fighters, Monks, Paladins, Ranger, Rogues, Sorcerers, Warlocks, and Wizards that have predefined stats, hit points, spells, and abilities. Use for non-player characters or to represent player characters in combat evaluation.

- Combat evaluator that calculates the likelihood of one team winning versus another in table top role playing games. Rather than using challenge ratings, the evaluator plays out fights many many times favoring one side vs another to simulate variability in dice rolls and strategy.

- 190 fantasy portraits for character sheets.

- Name generator tool:
-- 208,669 first and last character names for millions of potential combinations.
-- 19,470 town, 1,389 river, 1,704 mountain, and 690 lake names.
-- Hundreds more for general stores, magical stores, ships, and taverns.

- 42 looping background / atmospheric songs for player ambience such as a beach, tavern, village, mountain evening, rain, campfire, dungeon cave, and spaceship.

- 21 ready to use battle maps, including forest, beach, lava, river crossing, star field, and many more.

- "Player View" to show battle maps with grids lines on a second monitor so players may see the combat visually and physically move their minis on it.

- Tool for one click to generate an engagement from an encounter's predefined monsters, initiatives are automatically rolled, combat order sorted with a single click, and health tracked.

- Print encounters and assets from Campaign Manager to paper to play without a computer.

- Built in session history to log the players' prior game sessions.

- Mod support! Developers can extend the Campaign Manager user interface and its capabilities. Documentation on how to use the API and sample included in the installer.

Free Version

The free version is limited to 30 encounters per campaign but otherwise is fully featured.

Future / Requests

There is a long list of planned features for the software. If Campaign Manager does not have what you need, then please post a message below with your request! It's likely on the to-do list already and just needs to be reprioritized from community feedback!

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