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Campaign Manager

Design adventures for tabletop roleplaying games, escape room puzzles, and interactive stories. · By kamoly


Recent updates

Polish and Tooltips
Improvements for the past month have been polishing up the user interface so it's more pleasant to look at and adding tooltips to every control so it's easier f...
2 files
Continuous Canvas
Many small improvements have been made throughout the software, but the major update this release is the "continuous canvas". There is no longer any need to man...
2 files
Player View
Latest new feature is the ability to display battle maps on a second screen for players to see / have their character minis on. On the game master side, there i...
2 files
Icons and Snapping
The latest update to Campaign Manager has 2 significant improvements, both UI related: The first change is purely visual, icons have been added to all main menu...
2 files
Name Generator
A Name Generator feature has been added that pulls from a list of hundreds of thousands of options to randomly generate names for people, towns, shops, and ship...
Shadows, Dice, and Search
Three significant improvements have been made to Campaign Manager for this latest release: 1. The appearance of encounters and regions has been improved with ro...
Sample Campaign Added
A sample one-shot table top campaign has been added to Campaign Manager to demonstrate many of its features and how it can be used. The campaign involves a myst...

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