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Design adventures for tabletop roleplaying games, escape room puzzles, and interactive stories. · By kamoly


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Printing Maps
Lately, instead of using a computer screen for my DnD players, I've been using printed maps and notes. The print feature in Campaign Manager has come in very ha...
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More Encounter Maps
This update has 8 additional encounter maps bringing the total up to 20. And for new features, the player view now has options to "Fill to Width" or "Fill To He...
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Encounter (Battle) Maps
New for this month are encounter (battle) maps! They're intended for use with the player view on a second screen where they can have optional grid lines, rotati...
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UI Improvements
This new update has UI improvements in many parts of the software. - Encounter notes now support HTML tags and can be put in a "View Mode" where they are render...
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The Printing ability is complete! It is now easy to get paper versions of encounters and campaign assets so you can play without needing a computer. If you have...
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Upcoming Feature: Printing
A new version is not yet available, but the upcoming big feature update is printing! I expect to finish it next month. The weather has been so good over the sum...
More Names
Straightforward update this past month has been primarily additional content: Thousands of real world names of lakes, mountains, and rivers have been added for...
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Monster Formatting / Links
The previous release included support for HTML style tags in the description of assets. For this release, every SRD 5.1 monster type has its description updated...
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This is a superb tool, really helps to make things more creative! It's a much more visual way and the possibilities for...
started by timetunnelpro Aug 06, 2023
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