Mod Support

The big update this time is Mod support!

At startup, Campaign Manager with look in a \Mods folder for dll files it can consume to extend its functionality.

Mods can currently:
- Add buttons to the main menu bar.
- Play / stop music.
- Change the background canvas color.
- Get a collection of the campaign encounters.

Mods are written in C# .NET 4.8. Documentation is included with Campaign Manager for how to setup Visual Studio to create a mod, and a sample mod is included with the Campaign Manager installer.

Example code snippets:

            // Add a button to the Tools menu.
            _sampleButtonPressedEvent = new EventHandler(SampleButtonPressed);
            _campaignManagerHost.AddButton("Sample Mod",
                                           "Tooltip to demonstrate opening a form for the sample mod.",

            this._campaignManagerHost.PlayMusic("Battle Theme");

            _campaignManagerHost.ActiveCampaign().ActiveCanvas().BackgroundColor = Color.Blue;

                String newOutput = "";
                foreach (IEncounter loopEncounter in this._campaignManagerHost.ActiveCampaign().ActiveCanvas().Encounters)
                    newOutput += loopEncounter.Name + Environment.NewLine;
                textBoxOutput.Text = newOutput;

The API functionality will extend over time, but this is the first step for any developer to extend the Campaign Manager user interface and capabilities.


Campaign_Manager_Free_Version_16Apr2023.exe 123 MB
Apr 16, 2023
Campaign_Manager_Full_Version_16Apr2023.exe 123 MB
Apr 16, 2023

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